Red Dragon

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January 5, Chinese restaurants began selling Mail postage stamp, which will symbolize the beginning for a dozen days a year of the Dragon. This is the third since the establishment of Prc Edition commemorative stamps issued on the occasion of a recurring every twelve years the year of the Dragon. However, this time on the project small unleashed the storm. Part of the Chinese public opinion strongly not liked the look of the Dragon, because the beast looking from a postage delivery is cute and nice. Some seek to project the next manifestation of accent by the Chinese authorities of the growing power of China.

Golden Dragon with a wide open mouth and claws is definitely not the essence arouses sympathy. The designer defends himself against allegations by pointing out that his depictions of dragons from the Imperial Qing dynasty robes. In his opinion, the Dragon is a symbol of the friendly man of nature, is the essence of the supernatural, which has power over rain, storms, floods. At a later period has also become a symbol of imperial power Being endowed with such powers and attributes cannot be portrayed as a sweet cartoon character. It pet is hard not to agree with the creator of the project, that the Dragon looks sweet as Hello Kitty would be a mistake and comparing the size of a postage stamp by Chen Shaohua from last year’s rabbit is the misconception (though on a rabbit from the last Aliexpress edition has furiously red eyes, like a rabbit killer of Monty Python).

Despite the controversy surrounding the Chinese stamp there is lot of interest of Aliexpress delivery at postal facility. Within a few days the wholesale jerseys price of stamps for the Chinese market filatelistycznym has increased fourteen times. The nominal value of a significant proportion is watches 1.2 Yuan (0.65), a set of 20 stamps 24 rmb (£ 13.30), другие the market price achieved the amount of 340 rmb. As long as you can make, the average Chinese do not mind that the stamp is another unsuccessful product of art, BUSINESS and the Dragon is just nasty,

Even if it were the original Imperial dragons mad, red vampire eyes, mouth gaping and directed in the direction of the viewer’s feet with big claws have made it as far as the elegant prototype has been forming in something more like a bloodthirsty monsters with cheap horror films or failed animated films, than the full grandeur and power of the traditional Chinese Dragon.

In China all that even in a loose way, has food to do with the Communist Party of China and the Government is political. Stamp also. The head of the Chinese State mail by sitting far occurred in the defence criticised the project. Some seek the next manifestation of the pursuit of the Chinese authorities to highlight the mocarstwowej strength and vitality, which in the light of the accrued last year tensions on the international stage with the participation of China, would be another cheap nfl jerseys signal of a more assertive posture. Similarly, trying to also cheap mlb jerseys read the intentions of the authorities, who accepted this project with regard to the situation of internal and in the progressive strangulation of the party’s position to the internal opposition.