Chinese pet curiosities


Announced in the February, the list of companies applying for entry on the shenzheńską stock exchange raised quite a stir, and solely for this blame bear Fahsun Co., a manufacturer of chinese pet products. This is already the second approach to the stock exchange debut of an undertaking whose last year’s efforts to utrącili defender of animals. And keep your fingers crossed that this year also Job suffered a defeat, because the manufacturer, in accordance with the development plan, the money in the stock market wants to spend on increasing the population of bears, from the existing 470 to 1200.

The farm bears? Sounds weird, but in China-as well as in the surrounding countries, such as Viet Nam, Laos, North and South Korea – these animals, mainly the Himalayan bear, are bred for their bile, which is considered from time immemorial for valuable medicine food in traditional Chinese medicine. Has the cure liver disease, sight, dissolve gallstones, and currently is part of the 153 finished preparations. To the mid-1980s. last century, living at liberty Bowl can only be afraid of death, because killed for the gall bladder. Unfortunately the human invention we liked them unless an even worse fate. Indeed, the developed method of extraction of bile from live animal, which, instead of the single and definitive cut, in the bear turns into a cash cow. Of course, no living being does not tolerate with such procedures, so the bears are placed in metal cages to their sizes, read-small enough Sollicit to not be able to move and disturb them during the download. Give them a little food and water, because then the body increases bile production. Surrounded by so watchful pet going through about 10 years, during which time he earns a fortune for the owner: 1 gram of bile costs a minimum of 250 Yuan, and over the years from one bear you can draw an average of 1500 g. manufacturers want to increase production, because growing demand on the market, and, more recently, the bile began to even add to cosmetics and expensive alcohols.

It is just one of the 68 companies (only those with more than 50 animals), which China officially and legally breed bears. It is estimated that across the country from 6 to 8 thousand bears is wholesale NBA jerseys working żółciowymi balls for profit. The largest of these is not as well known as Guizhentang, sells an intermediate producers of drugs. The company’s weapon, claiming that the treatments are not for animals, and the benefits for humanity related to access to this wonderful panacea align a moral discomfort associated with the source and way of its acquisition.. And all these flashy NGO go on a leash of the Western companies that want to destroy the native market producers of synthetics.

“The download is easy, natural and painless as unscrewing the tap. Proposals After the treatment the bears happily go play outside. I believe that there is nothing out of the ordinary, and even they are nicely! wholesale jerseys “. The defence manufacturers bear bile Fang Shuting down, President of the Chinese Association of traditional Chinese medicine, gave them indeed a disservice. Internet reacted immediately, not enthusiastically, and reflections of the Lord Fanga already entered the dictionary of memes. Outraged people flooded the internet comments, Babyliss and the question of dręczonych bears has become one of the hot topics also in the media.

Non-governmental organisations from years of struggling against the cruel treatment of animals in China, and though still a lot of work in front of them, they manage to more and more effectively influence public opinion and are increasingly successful. In defense of animal rights are also celebrities, has long been supporting the campaign against eating shark fins. But it is thanks to pressure from cheap jerseys ordinary people in the last year has been referenced from the celebrated 600 years “celebration of dogs” in the village Province, whose main attraction was tasting killed in front of customers. Here I must add that in China, contrary to popular opinion, not to eat every day for lunch of chicken soup with a dog or a cat, because it’s hard to buy and taste nothing extraordinary, and dearly. Doggie is recommended first of all seniors to boost circulation in cold days, but the young Chinese like their dogs very much and treat them as friends.

Whether the protests will prevent the entry into the company on the stock exchange? Perhaps, but at this point, probably more important is that it is a part of Chinese society are appalled to the plight of the suffering of animals. It’s a good sign.