Chinese food

chinese food

Recently in Best the pages of the weekly “Chinese matters” has published an extensive interview with  a journalist, an expert in Chinese Affairs and a businessman, who currently leads in the North China city of Beijing serving food. In addition to interesting stories about the founding of the restaurant, the troubles, which were the founders of the selection of dishes and ingredients wholesale jerseys and the marketing strategy was also addressed issues such as taste and mentality of the Chinese people, the assessment of the Chinese cheap nfl jerseys market and how you can and should do business in China and how to make money. Article worth command all, who they are going to offer their goods and services to Chinese customers, met with crushing criticism of representative. 當孩子測試妳的底線時… On the pages of the portal “for China”, which is the co-founder, with indignation accused archaic way of thinking, the desire to cywilizowania the great of the Chinese nation and the search for clever ways to quickly capture a fortune. According to him, you’ll need to is a discussion about how people perceive China – to root out such archaic and unworthy of modern times. By far this discussion is needed, only that based on facts.

A special place in the criticism was the issue of eating dogs by the Chinese. Journalist is upset by the opening of the article about the restaurant in asks whether the Chinese do not eat the meat already. The stereotypical question-probably yes, only that the question asks lots of people, when they hear “China” or “eating in China.” Even more upset by it, nomen omen heavily exaggerated, opinion Darewicza that dogs only and only on the margin. “. In his opinion, if someone a dog or not, is a matter of purely psychological and cultural, which we should not be considered from the point of Avvento view of our European cultural environment.

Well, in China they eat dogs you can buy dog meat on the market, although not as common as wholesale jerseys it used to be. Meat as meat, can eat, especially in winter in hot soup. Today, however, part of the Chinese people, and especially young people-increasingly agrees that eat dogs not dignity. In the vast majority of middle and upper class restaurants in major cities already does not appear in the menu, but in smaller and rural dog on a plate is already ground. Some Chinese are so much began to relocate food pets that formed organizations active in favor of a ban on serving the psina under any form. In 2011, cheap jerseys the Chinese activists led to the cancellation of the Festival dog meat in Jinhua. Very sharp protests from years raises a similar Festival in Yulin in the Guangxi. Projects of appropriate legal regulations were prepared by the для different resorts and by The Chinese Academy wholesale mlb jerseys Of Social Sciences.